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D & E Video Head Cleaner DTCDE - One of the original video head cleaners and one of the best selling.

All our nitrite based rush products are sold as room deodorants, liquid incense, liquid aromas, or video head cleaner only.


10 ml bottle.

D & E Video Head Cleanerwill be packaged and shipped to you discreetly and only you will know the contents of the box.

Your Privacy Always Assured!
Category: Colt Gear, COLT Lubricants Sex Enhancers and Aromas
D & E Video Head Cleaner manufactured by: PWB
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D & E Video Head Cleaner - DTCDE


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"Poppers" is the street name given to the class of compounds called the alkylnitrites. Included in this class of compounds are amyl-, butyl- and isobutyl nitrite among several other nitrites. All of which are nearly identical in physiological effect when inhaled.

What are nitrits?
Amylnitrite was used for decades to treat angina pectoris, a heart disease, though all the alkylnitrites would act nearly the same on the disease. Amylnitrite has been a prescription drug in the USA for several decades. However, other nitrites, particularly butyl and isobutyl have been used for nearly 30 years as the primary ingredients in consumer products such as liquid insense, liquid aroma and videohead cleaner. The most popular among these are Rush, Hardware, Reds, Quicksilver, Ram, Rave, Rockhard, Kix and Manscent.

How to use Poppers?
There are also numerous off brands as well. Sold in small glass bottles, they are often misused as inhalants by the consumer, who removes the cap and places the bottle to his/her nose and inhales the vapors. The effect is immediate and pleasurable to most people (though some people report headaches). In some sexbars, -saunas or -clubs the bottles are left opened to fill the room with the odour to make people more willing.
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Do Poppers enhance my sex drive?
Many researchers have said that these products are the closest thing to a true aphrodisiac that exists (there are no true aphrodisiacs, in the sense that they'll create a sex drive if it doesn't already exist, but these products will greatly enhance it if it does).

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What exactly happens when enjoying a Poppers?
With respect to the pharmacology, when inhaled these products do only one thing : namely, they relax smooth muscle. It is smooth muscle that surrounds the body's blood vessels. When allowed to relax, the bloodpressure sinks, the vessels must fill up with more blood, thus the heart races to fill the space (similar to the plumbing in your house; if the pipes suddently got bigger, the water would have to be pumped faster to fill up the expanded space). As a result, the increase in blood flow gives most people a number of heightened sensations, the most notable being a dizzy sensation, a heightened sense of touch and taste, and in the case of sexual activity, a real rush that makes it seem that orgasm is greatly enhanced and extended in duration. These effects last only about 3 - 5 minutes or so, which means most users continued to inhale from the small bottle throughout the sex act, to enhance the activity. These products are very popular in discos and bars as well, where users inhaled from them to supposedly better enjoy the sensations around them also in combination with other drugs or psychadelics.

Are Poppers dangerous?
With respect to safety, it has been shown that these products appear to be perfectly safe. There was some concern at the onset of the AIDS crisis back in the early 1980's, that these products were related to AIDS and that it affected the immune system. However, those old theories have been discredited. The result of that early hysteria, though, caused Congress to ban the sale of these products in the USA in 1990. (an anti-gay lobby was questionable). The ban has been ineffective, since you can still buy these products around the USA in most adultstores under different names. There are a number of mailorder houses selling them on the internet, as well. Because of this ban and disinformation there are a lot of different laws and tolerances in many States, country's etc. and also many bad working and noxious products.
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Risks or side effects?
There's no evidence of long-term psychological or physical damage as a result of commonsense use of poppers, but there are some risks... There's a little change of a short headache or a little blackout. Excessive use of nitrites can cause anaemia. If the liquid contacts the skin, it irritates and can develop a rash around the lips, cheeks and nose. Poppers are highly inflammable, so be carefull with cigarettes or lighters. Anyone with aenemia, glaucoma, hemorroids, a bad heart condition or in pregnancy, should avoid the use of poppers at all cost. Never swallow nitrites, cause it may result in a reduction of oxygen in the blood.
NEVER use poppers and VIAGRA at the same time ! They both lower the bloodpressure, this can be dangerous (see also the inf. leaflet to Viagra).
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Legality and storage of Poppers?
The possession or use of poppers is not illegal in the USA, Austria, United-Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, France, Suisse and a lot of other country's, but check your local law if you want to distribute them. Closing tip: Store your poppers cold and dark in a refridgerator, because the compound will disintegrate by roomtemperature and the effect will decline. After you take the bottle out of the fridge, beware the liquid for the moist on the bottle which will appear because of the contact between roomtemperature and the cold glass. If this moist contacts the liquid the compound will change after a while in a bad smelling liquid and the effect will reduce fast. So let the bottle get to roomtemperature first before opening it, this will take about 15 minutes. Some brands do have a small ceramic pellet inside the bottle which is not ment for shaking, but to bind eventually watermolecules so they can't affect the compound. If you are able to keep your poppers clean and dry you will have most fun with the amyl ones, because of the strong effect and the slower evaporating.
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How strong are the different Poppers?
The difference in strength between poppers general are not that much, so try several to find out which one works personally best for you. Beware of housebrands or own mixings and watch out for copies which won't work and might harm you. Only the real, original sealed, registered brands are garanteed clean and pure. Look out for the ® and ™ signs on the bottle. Pure poppers smells smooth with a pleasant and aromatic fragrance!
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A Poppers for every occasion
Poppers (nitrites) are allowed as a medicine for therapies with heartdiseases and therefore sold by pharmacys as a prescripted drug. When used or bought as roomodorizer, videoheadcleaner, leathercleaner or even as an addition for model-airplane gas (this all really works!!) then it is complete legal, because they are classified under a lawful chemical group. Poppers will lower the bloodpressure fast, when you have a bad bloodcirculation or a naturwise low bloodpressure we highly recommend not to use poppers, because you will, above all, notice the side-effects (headache, fainting), ofcourse only when you inhale them by mistake ;-) There are different species:
Isopropylnitrit a little weaker brands which won't give you a headache and doesn't smell bad. (Manscent) Altough, these ones evaporates very fast so they're extremely inflammable!
Isobutylnitrit Almost all others, including the Rush. In the scene the regular poppers. Very strong effect and works very good. When it's polluted it stinks and causes headaches, but not so bad as :
Amylnitrite The original medical poppers (Kix, Junglejuice, Amsterdam, Puregold). These ones are the best working and do have the strongest effects, but also the strongest side effects, so try to keep them pure and clean as possible.

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The entity known to the human world as the 'brand' is one that faces lots of unique and innovative perceptions in the form of products. A specific group of them is known as poppers and these products, especially D&E Head Cleaner Poppers poppers are giving a whole new realisation to the term 'brand'.

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The 'poppers sector' is one that faces lots of challenges; however, the future of this sector is quite bright due to more and more customers having the fun of using poppers. This is a feature that is given a glistening with the arrival of websites that are garnering lots of information about poppers.

Hence, the different brands of poppers are now given a new scope of flourishing and this is enabling many poppers creators to have handsome business prospects. The encouragement for making a foray into the poppers sector is now more visible than ever before due to the presence of wonders like D&E Head Cleaner Poppers poppers.

The market share of the brand 'D&E Head Cleaner Poppers' is quite a good one in markets all over the world. Thus, the annual sale of poppers that are featured under this brand is on the rise.

The chemical that is used in the creation of D&E Head Cleaner Poppers Poppers has led to the essence that is given out by them being extremely stimulating.

Thus, D&E Head Cleaner Poppers as a brand is turning out to be quite a global presence with its number of users being on the rise. Poppers with this brand name are becoming 'best sellers' in this specific product sector.

Our D&E Head Cleaner Poppers formula is a ground breaking, 100% natural formula for sexual desire and arousal in men.

The product naturally promotes male enhancement and increases libido(see testimonials below).

The product is 100% natural, produced from the highest quality pure essential oils extracted from plants.

The formula is organic at the source, free from pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

Our specially formulated D&E Head Cleaner Poppers formula for men is perfect for both natural male enhancement and sexual arousal, as well as problems with premature ejaculation.
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D&E Head Cleaner Poppers and Fsensual (for woman) are extremely effective when used by both partners.


D&E Head Cleaner Poppers is formulated for:

Arousal, natural male enhancment, elevated libido and heightened sexual desire, and premature ejaculation. (for erectile dysfunction, use EDsensual)

The effectiveness of D&E Head Cleaner Poppers to boost your confidence and self esteem and take your sex life to the next level, is unsurpassed.

How does D&E Head Cleaner Poppers work?
The constituents in the D&E Head Cleaner Poppers formula are phenomenal sexual stimulants for men which increase the blood flow to the penis and production of hormones which sets a platform for an enhanced male sexual experience. The formula is also a natural aphrodisiac.

The natural formula for men penetrates tissue very quickly and enters the capillaries which ensures distribution throughout the body as well as the desired zone. This makes the entire body aware and sensually enhanced.

D&E Head Cleaner Poppers is effective in areas of psyche, nervous system and hormonal balance.

The D&E Head Cleaner Poppers formula has the remarkable ability to enhance the male sexual experience as well as make orgasms longer and more intense, yet the enhancement is controlled enough to still allow sexual activity to last as long as desired.

How do I use D&E Head Cleaner Poppers? -
D&E Head Cleaner Poppers is applied topically to the area, using a small amount of the formula.

This stimulates blood flow and warmth, immediately elevating sexual desire and libido.

The formula is extremely concentrated, with only a few drops per application needed for immediate results, which last well into the sexual experience.

Complete instructions will be included with your product.

How long does D&E Head Cleaner Poppers take to work? -
D&E Head Cleaner Poppers begins to take effect immediately. Blood flow is increased, and a tingling feeling or warmth begins the sexual arousal process.

Sexual activities can begin immediately after applying the product. The use of Fsensual for woman will further enhance the sexual experience for you and your partner. (see our bundle offers to save if ordering both products together).

(For treatment of erectile dysfunction and a natural enhanced sexual experience for men, use EDsensual together with D&E Head Cleaner Poppers.)

D&E Head Cleaner Poppers is gentle. The product cannot be used with condoms, is topically applied and not taken orally. However, oral sex is permitted and the formula has a great smell and taste!

What is the cost of D&E Head Cleaner Poppers, Fsensual and EDsensual? -
Use of our natural formulas will boost your self esteem and confidence, as well as enlighten and enhance your sex life.

We guarantee our formulas work and back this up with our
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Invoices received before 2 PM (PST) are shipped the same business day from San Diego, California.

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D&E Head Cleaner Poppers Testimonials

Richard C.- Vancouver, BC Canada

I was extremely sceptical of your product and after seeing so many things like this online, I just didnt know what to get. I liked the fact that your products are 100% natural.

Once I saw the money back guarantee, your privacy promise and of course the great testimonials, I thought I may as well give it a try, as it seemed like there was nothing to lose.

Well, my sex life has really changed since purchasing your products!
I can now easily get an erection using EDsensual. I then apply D&E Head Cleaner Poppers and my wife applies Fsensual. D&E Head Cleaner Poppers creates the most unbeleivable sexual experience, it has honestly taken my sex life to the next level. Thank you for your wonderful products!

You are welcome to use my testimonial on your site, just please only first name and last initial for privacy reasons!

Richard C.- Vancouver, BC Canada

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George Caldwell - Detroit, MI

I found you guys online a while ago, and was impressed by the information I saw. I have really had no sex drive over the years, and it has been so great using D&E Head Cleaner Poppers. This stuff has given me a new lease on life and makes me feel 25 again! It doesn't matter what the situation is, I can always use a little bit of D&E Head Cleaner Poppers to make me feel good again, and really quickly! This is definitely something I will keep using. Thank you for this great product!

George Caldwell - Detroit, MI

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Gerald - Colorado Springs, CO

This oil is incredible. It makes my orgasm so much more intense, and makes sex so much more amazing. In most cases I would not be able to retain my erection during sex, but with D&E Head Cleaner Poppers, I never have this problem! This is the only sexual enhancement product I will ever need! Thank you for all the hard work!

Gerald Colorado Springs, CO

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Steven Pratt - Boca Raton, FL

When I realized that my sex drive was at an all time low, I started wondering what I could do about it. I had seen a lot of strange drugs on TV and at the store, but I have always been hesitant about taking drugs or putting all sorts of chemicals in my body, as you never know what kind of side effects you will have, which in my opinion is not worth it. After some time of having almost no sex drive, I turned to the internet, where I found Healing Natural Ois.


I read your information for the D&E Head Cleaner Poppers product, and I couldn’t believe what I was reading, it sounded too good to be true, plus it was entirely natural. I immediately bought a bottle, and got it sent Overnight, I got it the very next morning, and starting applying it. That night, my sex drive was back in full force, the sexual desire was amazing, and it really made sex more enjoyable, and much more pleasurable.

My wife also likes the scent of the oil, she finds it soothing, so I am using it all the time, and it really has made a huge difference in my sex life. I recently bought a bottle of Fsensual for my wife, and she has plenty of good things to say about it, as both these products have brought our sex life to a new high. Be sure to get some Fsensual for your partner, as this makes the sex amazing! I feel like a new man. Thank you for all your help, and your great customer service. I will be back for more!